Friday, May 2, 2008

What's New @ Digital Knickers

Ayana Silks - Ayana is an ethiopian name, meaning beautiful flower. With this I created an asthetically pleasing sculpty rose, with many folds, and petals. The set offers 3 types of breast covers. One being a prim sculpty "harness". It rides around the back, and under the breast, to both hold and showcase the body. Another option, features the sculpty rose that lays beautifully on the breast, and the third features both styles together (as seen in the advert) The set is also color change scripted, and tested, it holds all colors beautifully. I have also taken great care in the size of the prims, so it should be easily resizeable for those with smaller, or larger frames. I also have this set up in the store, so You can see the primwork before You buy :)