Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mens Tees by DragonFly

Theres alot of changes going on right now with DragonFly. Not only do we have alot of new releases but we have whole new islands, that is a must to come see. Fully remodeled islands and themes along with a new summer line of clothing coming in!

This week we have two new mens Tee's sets that are fitted relaxed wrinkles that come in Tucked and Untucked versions and are available in 8 different colors.
They can be purchased at DFO Mens Casual Shop located at:

[url][/url] Oasis/147/50/25
or on SLX!

(Skin worn Sean Beach Tan Highway Man Soul Emo,hair Native Onyx,Icon Leathers Black)

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are added to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

You can also check out our blog at: [url][/url]