Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's New? @ [LAP] - Female Poses & Couple/Group Sets!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

Woo! I've been a busy bee lately and you guys get to reap it! Ladies and more ladies poses, and lots of couples and group poses too. On with it...

Aerial Assault - I was flipping through a magazine and came across a Got Milk? ad that featured what they call 'aerial artists' and I felt instant inspiration and this is the result of that. Not for everyone, not for everyday use, but I think some people will enjoy it bunches.

Sitting Pretty - This is kind of a sequel to the 'Sitting Duck' set that I have. It's mostly sits, some crouchy type stuff thrown in - and muchly inspired by my fascination with ANTM! I'm a sucker for that show. (I've slowed transition on all of my new poses, but not all are AO-able, so just test them out.)

And lastly, the warmer weather and walks in the sunshine have been guiding my hand lately. I wanted to do something fun, cute and fitting to the season change...and I give you what I'm calling my "summer collection" (I know, hugely creative and original of me hehe).

Summer Daze - This pose set is SO not intended for my style of vendor ads, it really doesn't do them justice. I think this set might be one of my new favs, just because it's fun to play with and use while you are out and about in SL. It's also something I don't do often - create poses for the above-angle of the camera, kinda tricky.

(click for larger image preview)

Visit my shop blog if you want to read up on other shop news and updates! [LAP] Blog Okay, I think that's it ... Until next time - have a great weekend everyone!

<3 Dove
(just another poser)