Sunday, August 17, 2008

New @ KessKreations

Ladies: I've created a clothing release of a nice little 70's style outfit. (Or so that's what people tell me). It's named after my sister-in-law. Since most of my items are named after people I know I like to share who it is. Onto the goodies:

This little number is available in 6 colors (purple, teal, orange, red, blue, green) at a cheap price and then there's a fatpack. And: CHECKIT: DEMOS! Yes I even provide demos to this!! (I just started to provide demos for my clothing... I think it's a good plan)

Also if you say "I heart kesskreations" to the kitty in my main store you will receive a pack of Lisbet shirts- which match this outfit. (please remove quotes)

(PS Those shoes were ONLY 90L- ask me via IM I will deliver LM- these shoes ROCK)

Whereto: KessKreations @ Amira