Monday, August 11, 2008

What's New @ Ornamental Life

Meet Dove - dedicated to the wonderfully insane Dove Swanson who just rocks my boat in all sorts of directions. It comes in seven colors:

So Dove is a set with crazy options - you can wear it in several ways and basically it consists of a shirt you can wear as a shirt or as a body or combine with the skirt and voilá - a dress! Also it has a belt and leggings and a hood with five options - no hair or with hair in four colors - brown, black, blonde and red. Yes, all of that is included:) And everything that can come on several layers, does so. Available in seven colors for your choosing pleasure. Or just go nuts and get a fatpack.

Second, Safe In My Heart lingerie, all flowery and nice. Comes with a strapless bra so it's easy to fit it under shirts with no worries of showing straps, and panties with a pocket - yes, girls, today's keywords are safe love:) So love yourself and stay safe!

Visit Ornamental Life main store, the store of Salina Beach is moving between buildings at the moment so that's down until tomorrow. For gifting visit OL in SLeX or OL in Onrez

Take care and sunshine!