Monday, August 18, 2008

What's New @ CKSD?!!

'Gidget X'...a strappy, fetish-y latex version of my original 'Gidget' ruffle-bum pantie lingerie...a versatile shorts set with a top that can be babydoll or not...and a sexy 80's-inspired sweater minidress...all avaialble at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, as well as SL Exchange & OnRez...check it out!


Gidget X Ad:
Skin - Fleur: Vivant Biba 2 in Buff, Hair - HCT: Hara in Red, Shoes - Kitties Lair: Francine Mary Janes in Black, Earrings - UnTone: Silver Earring, Whip - Dictatorshop: Bullwhip

Carrie Ads:
Skin - Fleur: Vivant Marni 3 in Buff, Hair - Zero Style: Yui in Auburn, Shoes - Jaywalk: Misha in Onyx, Necklace - Miriel: Secret Necklace in Antique Gold & Diamond, Bracelet - Lassitude & Ennui: Love Conquers All Bracelet in Gold & Moonstone

Miranda Ads:
Skin - Fleur: Vivant Dig Ophelia 3 in Buff, Hair - Calla: Marshmellow in Chestnut, Shoes - Canimal: Gothdamn Stilettos in Black, Jewelry - Caroline's Jewelry: Gold Circles (Necklace & Earrings)