Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's New @ KessKreations

Purchase all this and more at KessKreations at Amira.

For the men: Sculpted cuffs with cufflinks (included are plain cufflinks without cuffs). These links gem/metal change so you get about 8-12 styles of links w/ 3 metals in one set. A certain steal. Oh yes, these items are transfer so gift away!

For the Ladies:

We have black and white pearl sets. Gorgeous 3 strand pearl necklace and bracelet. Metal changes. Long pearl necklace lockets w/ metal changing. Included is a video tutorial on how to add a texture to the locket (there's also notecard instructions). Then, by popular demand, the simple Orion necklace fitted for the ladies.

Thank you,

<3, Kesseret