Sunday, August 17, 2008

SF Design Henley - new outfit for men

the last of the summer, a picnic by the Thames . . .

this outfit says Henley regatta .....

Bridesheads Revisited.....

and a shout out to the great GB team who once again brought home gold for rowing in the olympics.

A classy and detailed blazer sporting a rowing coat of arms,includes 3 sizes of 'jacket flap' to hide that butt issue.

A short sleeved pullover both on jacket layer for a longer look and shirt layer for tucked and a sleeve filler version to wear under the blazer.

A dash striped short sleeved shirt with sculpted collar and rolled up sleeves - 1prim each for easy resize.

Stone coloured flannels with front pleats and blue belt.

A prim straw boater.

All mod/trans - if you require mod/copy just drop me an im.

model skin - David - Adam n Eve