Sunday, September 28, 2008


Once upon a time there was a designer - who, as a little girl loved a fairy tale book called "A Treasury of The World's Greatest Fairy Tales". And everynight when she was a little girl her mother read to her from that book. One of the stories was Cinderella and the gowns and illustrations were so fabulous and magnificent that the little girl dreamed of wearing those gowns. She would dream it every night, until as a designer in Second Life she was able to make that dream come true..

Cinderella is now available in 12 different colors. The dress comes with a top on 3 layers, glitch pants on 1 layer, a system skirt and prim skirt as well as a prim collar with lace texture. Only $L450 for a magnificent gown. Satin texture with gold trim and diamond accents - you are sure to feel just like a princess in this one.

Plush Omicron: Secondwave Apparel