Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Neko Set, New @ Ali

Ali’s latest creation does all that: a wonderful comfy bed, big enough for two and with spooning pose balls for comforts! Next to the bed, rez your neko table and at a touch you can have a jar of treats, a carton of milk, or a goldfish bowl with swimming goldfish for hours of fascinated watching! Created with the elegant sensibility that Ali brings to all her creations!

Touching the table brings down a menu for choosing treats, fishbowl, and milk carton, for de-rezzing them, and for locking it from anyone else’s use but your own! Click on the glass of milk to get a real glass to hold in your paw to drink!

For this and other similar items, visit ‘Ali’ in Chindogu. Or go online to SL Exchange or onRez!