Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's new at !TM Hair Styles by Tami McCoy

What's new? There's so much going on right now I'll try to make this short. 5 new releases for Hair Fair (pictured here), offered in brand new textures, 206 in all! Color demos of the new textures are available at Hair Fair boxed according to the new packs now offered. 4 solid shades and 12 tipped shades offered in every pack (excluding Tami's Pick I and II packs that have shades offered only in those packs, which have 4 solids and 8 tipped). I have a new store build that should be ready for unveiling September 9th ( I HOPE!). Store wide sale in my main store in Dixie. 50% off every hair style. These textures will be retired once the sale ends and the new store build is opened. Some of the designs will be retired as well, so if you've been waiting to get that certain style better get it soon. It could be gone after this week, and guaranteed the textures will be once I open the new build. Only the new textures will be used to any new designs from this point on. That's it for now, hope to see you at hair fair or in Dixie. Have a great day :)