Thursday, September 11, 2008

Digital Knickers 09/11

The name "zebra" comes from the Old Portuguese word zevra which means "wild ass". It's true, look it up! Zebra's are best known for thier disctinct black and white stripes.
In my opinion, they can look graceful and unique, and strikingly gorgeous. Zebra's are highly socialable, and often live in groups, known as "harems". They can also tear You a new one, if so provoked :-)

That sounded like quite a good description for this outfit, Fitted satiny fabric, that ties together in the bust, revealing sexy cleavage... as if the stripes were't enough to capture your attention. Dress her elegantly.. hair tied back, delicate jewelry... or let her hair down, and dress her sultry.. a true wild ass. You know where to find it :-) OH! Shoes included too!

***BTW*** Some of you know im located in Texas.. and HURRICANE IKE is headed right up my alley. Hopefully he thins out some before hitting land, and lives, homes and pets are spared. Please keep everyone in the path, in your thoughts.
Digital Knickers