Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Skins at Adam n Eve


Beauty is the first of a series of hair base skins in my new Evolution line. I’m currently am planning more to come with different hair colours and ethnicity etc, as always I’m committed to providing a variety of options for customers.

Each skin in this new range will have 1 bald skin and 1 hair base skin. There will be a hair attachment for the hairbase skin included in a matching colour. I may offer others as add ons if people like this option.

As always my skins will also include a pubic hair option (this time on the underpant layer) and manicures and pedicures.

These skins are idealistically photoreal and have been developed using the SL avatar itself within my art programme. I have tried to pay careful attention to all areas of the skin to give a good overall realistically pleasing appearance with some photoreal sourcing from royalty free images and artistic blending and rework.


I’m pleased to announce that Sienna, the second skin in my new hair base collection has just been placed on the walls in the skin store at Adam n Eve! This stunning dark skinned brunette comes in 4 skintones and includes a head hair base and a bald head option. Included is a complimentary add on bun and a futher pack of 3 add on hair styles is also available to the side of the skin vendor. There are 8 beautiful make ups available so come on over and try on a demo!

As a cute add on to the hair base for the Sienna skins, I’ve created a special pack of 3 complimentary hair styles that are suited to the pretty drawn back hairline hair base.
You can find this pack beside the new Sienna skins at Adam n Eve and a demo is provided so that you can try them on and see if you like them! They are also available for Beauty!


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