Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wedding Clothes + 1 new womens casual @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Wedding Ageha Grande❤
The dress features 2 versions one with long wedding skirt with lots of lace and long train, and theres also a short skirt version for a fun look.
Both feature delicate lace wings in 4 colors . neckpiece, and headress.

✰ Adagio ✰
New release for the guys today and next in the wedding line series.
This mens wedding tux features really detailed styling throughout the outfit .
Includes buttoned shirt/vest, gloves, jacket (4 jacket bottom edge colors), ties (8 colors), also has furry avatar options included!

❤Bridal Harness❤
This dress is not your usual wedding dress features sexy "harness" in white silk and lace .
Includes stockings, gloves, ribbons, optional jacket, and viel.

❤Off Right overall❤
These jean overalls feature a right side unbuttoned strap with lots of fun details.
There is a sleeveless shirt included ( 3 colors) and 3 colors of the overalls themselves.
Also includes bangles for both arms and free necklace!

Note: since the top is sculpted prim the recommended size is 50 on your chest and hips (please try on demo first)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo