Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whats New @ Staged Skin and Fashion (5-17-09)

Finally a new face is comming to grace Staged Skin and Fashion. Ever wonder what Tyra Banks and J-Lo's love child would look like?? Jennifer is an exotic and edgey skin. With 12 fun make-ups from day looks to runway. 4 make-ups are featured below.

Royalte make-up is a fantastic Purple that is edgey while still being classy

Allure is a simple light look. Lovely black liner with a warm bronzed cheek.

Elegant is perfect for evening looks. Sultry and smokey eyes with a beauiful red lip.

Dark Freeze is a smokey cold look. With blue undertones and cool blush and lip tone it works to create a beautiful dark ice look.

Jennifer features the V.2 skin textures. Abs are slighty more defined, back is softer, breasts have added softness and lighting. Please come by and check out this all new skin!

Staged Skin and Fashion

Hope to see you all soon!

-Dezi Jarvinen