Saturday, May 9, 2009

Western and Fantasy themed releases @ Barerose Tokyo

✰ Aussie Cowboy ✰
Features include shirt with sculpted parts (5 colors), detailed pants (2 colors), sculpted cowboy scarf (4 colors), Cowboy hat (2 colors) belt, and hip mounted pistol.

❤Kiss The Dollars❤ is a cute little cowgirl outfit featuring
fringed top , shorts with scuplted unzippered top, sculpted scarf, gloves with tassles, stockings, cowboy hat , and western gun!
Includes 2 colors of hats , 3 colors of shorts, 2 versions of underwear, and 5 colors of tops and scarfs.

❤ Kimika❤
Features include 2 colors of shirts with sculpted collar and sleeve parts, 2 colors of capri pants and hats, 4 colors of scarfs, belt, and 2 different bangles .
Beautiful set to add to your collection =)


❤Soul Harvester Lady❤ + ★Soul Harvestor Boy★
Goth fantasy armor sets featuring sculpted armor in black and blood red versions.
Includes unique headpiece , boots, cloak, and soul harvestor holdable weapon, Plus optional open version for each color (Lady version)

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo