Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's New @ The Deck

New items now at The Deck locations of these fabulous stores.


First off beautiful shades in a variety of textures and lens colours at DeLa at The Deck.


DJ Music stations/Speakers made by the funkiest Pink Fox of them all Meko Zambia, made for adorable sized avatars, DEMO setup at The Deck location.

__CKSD__ Rocket Pop PackPIC
__CKSD__ Mode II
__CKSD__ Essential T-Shirt Dress
CKS Designs has released 3 New creations at The Deck location, they are beautiful design work, come check out those and all the other CKS Designs they have to offer.

DeLa @ The Deck

Pink Fox @ The Deck

CKS Designs @ The Deck