Sunday, April 6, 2008

5 New outfits today @ Barerose Tokyo

Due to Second Life being down for so long June has had lots of time to create a ton of new outfits , 5 today !

"Origami" for the ladies, really fun outfit that looks like it was made from Origami folding paper <3
Includes Origami Swan as an extra for your home

"Padamanava" for the guys matches the girls "Padama" outfit released 2 days ago , this is an Indian style outfit with Sculpted headpiece , necklace, and arm sash

"Blow a Wish Black"
Beautiful Sculpted Kimono complete set, you get Kimono ,Geisha hair, Beautiful hair pin,Pipe, Necklace, even Shoes.

Last we have 2 matching outfits "Imperial Gaurd" for the guys
Features Jacket, Cape, Sculpted hat, pants, gloves shoulder Decorate, medals, and wearable Sword.
The girls Version "Imperial Gaurd Lady" Has a Jacket, Shoulder Decorate, Medal, Sculpted hat, pants,gloves, and wearable sword <3

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