Monday, April 7, 2008

What's New @ [Renegade]

So yeah I'm told I have a stripe thing.

Something about massive asses and slacker couture, iunno I try not to pay attention to jibba jabba. I just wanted to throw a little wally world sophistication into the Second Life™®©♥♣◙∟ fashion world, sweatpants! If you seen Denzel Washington at 2am on a thursday I bet he'd be in sweatpants. That's class right there buddy.

Well I made some and said hell naw, that's just boring. Let's put some velour or felt or whatever on there. Howbout a lil underboobage? You want booty floss? You got booty floss. And to top it all off another carbon copy, lazy-ass texture change on the kicks. Suckers!

My sources confirm it is, indeed, velour.

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