Friday, July 4, 2008

3 new releases for the girls today July 4th @ Barerose Tokyo

❶ Black Mist
This ones very cute and fun to wear.
Includes cute jacket with sculpted collar frilled shirt, skirt, shorts , and stockings/with garters .
Several ways to wear it for different looks too <3

➋ Kingyo
Beautiful beachwear set that comes with 3 different colors!
Has bikini top and bottom with sculpted frills and ties
You can also wear the optional waist sash and chest drape for a different look.
June hid a goldfish in the outfit too so try to find it (Kind of like wheres waldo - But with a goldfish ^^)

➌ Sandra Light
Sexy dress with flowing skirt in shiny metallic colors
Gold/Blue/Pink/Silver all included.
Also includes gloves and a free necklace <3

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