Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Pretties @ CKSD!!

A couple of new releases this week at CKS Designs!!

'Monica' is a hot little semi-dressy halter dress that's shimmery, shiny, asymmetrical 4 colors...$L170 each/$L340 pack.

Also some separates...'Flirt' Halter 10 bright, whimsical patterns, with flexiprim ties. (There's an 11th pattern avaiable to just CKSD group join up! ;P) They're great summer wardrobe additions at $L65 each/$L325 pack of 10!!
Some sample colors/patterns:

...and of course the group gift...I had to snap myself in it since there was no actual ad. :P

They're all available at the CKS Designs Main Shop in Selby, as well as SL Exchange & OnRez.

Happy shopping!! <333


Monica Ads: Skin - Fleur: Vivant Biba 1 in Buff, Hair - Boon: SHY48 in Brown, Bracelet - Lassitude & Ennui: Love Conquers All Bracelet in Silver/Moonstone & Gold/Moonstone, Earrings - UnTone: Dragon Earrings (gold/red) & Silver Earrings (silver/black), Shoes - Maitreya: ChiChi Pumps in Black Velvet

Flirt Halter Ads: Skin - Fleur: Vivant Automne 1 in Buff, Hair - Shop Seu: Yuruyuru Odango in Brown, Earrings: Canimal Collection in Cupcake, Shorts - CKS Designs: Surfer Girl Shorts (Various Colors)