Monday, July 7, 2008

Skins for Life *NEW MENS VAMP SKINS*DragonFly

New from DragonFly the Skins for Life Mens line is the much requested Vamp Skins available in Joshua and Sean.

The Vamp skins have been requested for quite sometime now, and are finally available to the public. Not only can these skins be for Vamps but will also make a great Drow and even Goth. There are 35 different facials to choose from,and can be purchased in single packs or phat packs.

Each skin pack comes with bald & hair,two different body hair options, eyebrow shape,black nail polish gloves,eyes, and the shape seen in the ad that is modifable and copyable so dont waste your money on expensive shapes that don't compliment the skin.Fangs with hud by Dimentox Travanti are also included. No other skin shop offers as much as we do at the prices we have. Come by DragonFly to pick up your Skin for Life! No other can compare. Oasis/177/185/30

Skin worn is from DragonFly Skins for Life line Joshua Vamp Clean Shaven and Sean Vamp King, hair worn is from DragonFly, Native Onyx Blend and Metro Onyx Blend.

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!

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