Monday, July 14, 2008

New releases for the girls and guys today @ Barerose Tokyo

New today for the ladies "Swallow"
Beautiful one piece floral swimsuits you can wear alone or with the included matching coverup (Pareo)
Also includes Geta Sandles, necklace, and bracelet.
There are 4 colors included with different layers for versatility Shirt/Undershit, Pants /Underwear.

For the guys we have a cute outfit called "Pet Shop Boy"
Includes pants and 4 different shirts on the jacket layer as well as bracelet, armspikes, necklace, belt and
the best part a sculpted bag for selling pets!
Who knows what pets are in it you can see red glowing eyes and claws sticking out so be careful :)

Lastly we have a new Item added to the raffle ball "Tartan Collar Coat , you just need to be in the store to have a chance to win it or many other prizes.

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