Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's new @ Shapes by Zada

Historic Beauty - The skin collection from Shapes by Zada

Available now in my mainstore, is the Historic Beauty skins collection from Shapes by Zada. This is a collection of 6 gorgeous female skins in styles representing different eras throughout history, Ancient Egypt, Celtic, Elizabethan, Rococo, 1920's and 1980's.

The Historic Beauty series is quite a unique collection of skins. These are unique, high-quality skins designed for high levels of lifelike realism, and are 99% hand drawn. Rather than simply releasing them as yet another skin line, I prefer to do something a little different with them, and this is certainly it. Each of the skins in this series are designed to look great, and at the same time to be historically accurate. They are great for roleplayers, or just for fun, and they are awesome for photographers! I had so much fun taking product shots of these, I've released them as a HUD photobook that is available free from my mainstore.

Skins cost 900L each, or 1200L for a twin pack for each era, Ancient World, Post Renaissance and 20th Century. These are great value at 33% off the price of buying the skins singly, and come with extras not in the singles pack, a henna tattoo on glove layer and celtic Torc neckring for the Ancient World pack, and two pairs of Eyefidelity eyes with belladonna effect in each of the other two. All six skins and all six extras make up a fatpack, at only 2400L, a saving of over 50%.

Demos are available free in store, and for the launch weekend, I've put out a limited edition pair of "Indian Ink" Eyefidelity belladonna eyes not included in the packs, for free. They're stunning, come to my Talisman mainstore to pick them up!