Friday, July 18, 2008

Sunrise Study New @ Ali

This beautifully appointed hand-carved wooden desk is loaded with rezzable items that can give your desktop the business: pen holder, blotter, and stapler all rez at a click via a dropdown menu, and can be cleared the same way. Click on the blotter to receive a pen, then open drawers to find a stapler and stacks of papers, or open a door to grab a stack of books. Once you have that pen, sit down at the plush-cushioned matching chair and you’re animated for working at the desk. The set includes a map stand, chair, desk, and all the clutter one would find in a desk. The entire set will only set you back L$ 300.

Optionally get a set of sconces for lighting and a humidor holding those expensive cigars. Visit Our location in world or browse our items on SlExchange or OnRez.