Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's New @ House of Heart

Two new releases at HOH this week, which means a new release gift! Gift includes each style in one color fully modifiable and they are located in the ponytail sections and short hair section.
When you come to the shop you may notice several styles have a green backing on them now…those styles are currently marked 65% off. Once the sale is over they will be permanently retired to clean up the shop for an upcoming face lift and to make room for new stock. There is no set time for the 65% off sale on select items.
SECRET SALE!! Round 2 of the secret sale is going on at HOH shop @ Hairspray 2! There are a bunch of styles marked from 125L to 1L. To get the list of all the packs that are reduced except the 1L ones, head over the the hairspray shop and click the sign on the way in.