Friday, March 13, 2009

What's New @ Flair

Items available at Xstreet Only.
2 versions are on sale for 1L.

Flair-Ballet Flats-Pinned-Choc Grey Combo
Flair-Ballet Flats-Pinned-Black Blush Combo

Each pack has two variations of the same colour combo. Resize Scripted, Mod and Copy.
DEMOS available HERE , HERE and HERE.

Two style and many colours available just a taste of the 'Pinned Style" and the "Buttons Style".

All colours can be found HERE.

Flair-Ballet Flats-Buttons-White Pink Combo
Flair-Ballet Flats-Buttons-White Lime Combo
Flair-Ballet Flats-Pinned-Choc White Combo
Flair-Ballet Flats-Pinned-Black Green Combo