Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW@Rebel Hope Designs

The Handfasting gown was a dress I designed for my own Handfasting with RH. It's somewhat different from the original but mostly the same. This mixture of Medieval Victorian look gown is nothing short of elegant and classic. The long flowing prim sleeves and two prim skirt options, which move beautifully when you walk or dance. I've included both mod prim work as well as the prim work with a resizer script for your convenient menu driven sizing. Done in 8 lavish colors and a Rebel Pack at a discounted price they include the intricately designed bodice, skirt, glitch pants, sheer arm sleeves undershirt, Prim Sleeves and two Prim Skirt options. These gowns are available in a gifting vendor at the store, as well as they will be listed on Xstreet.

You will also find RH Engel has created Handfasting jewelry that will complement this gown as well. You will find them all in the "New Items" area on Monarch Bay.

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