Friday, March 27, 2009

Whats New @ Staged Skin and Fashion (3-27-09)

New Skins and clothing have been comming out in the past few weeks. First there was the skin Kristin followed by the Summer Suit Set and the Ashia Skin released just yesterday.

Kristin is a unique beauty, cute features, expressive eyes.

Here are Kristins make-up options. Plenty of looks from natural to high fashion.

The next release was the summer suit sets! These come in tons of colors (8 colors to be exact : Black, Beige, Dark Brown, White, Blue, Green, Red and Purple).

This suit comes in tons of options, Shorts, pants, tank, jacket (all layers) with taupe leggings included. Sculpted prim cuffs and a light linen texture this is the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe.

Last new release was the Ashia Skins set. This skin is a deep tan that has an exotic feel to it. Sultry eyes and pouty perfect lips.

This shows the make-up options from natural to runway! Lots of looks so you won't get bored.

Ashia in Mystic Make-up (close up)

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Staged Skin and Fashion

Hope you stop by and see all the other things we have at Staged Skin and Fashion.

-Dezi Jarvinen
(Owner and Creator of Staged Skin and Fashion)