Thursday, March 5, 2009

HOT modeLs in the "paisLey parade"

i LOVE the way a lot of models and bloggers create a unique look when they wear my clothing... and for this release i had the honor of some of my favorites styling up my new dress! i love how each of them made it their own...

miss gOgO... (Gorgeous Yongho) graciana macmillan.... summer deadlight... babyhoney bailey.... and the divine miss harper beresford!!!!

the dress is part of the "paisley parade" and comes with tops on 2 layers, sculptie/sleeves, a pair of undies, and a flexi skirt that moves really nice. it's trimmed in lace on the bodice and skirt and the top is finished at the bottom so it can be worn with pants or whatever you want. it comes in 6 colors and can be dressed way up or really alternative and funky.

BONUS!!! this dress comes with a "gift with purchase" inside that includes a black leather belt, a black diamond bracelet, earrings and ring. the gift will be available for free in the dress box until the beginning of the week. then it will be sold separately.

at my main shop in caLLiefornia in the room on the left when you walk in the door!

xoxo, caLLie