Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New @ Barerose Tokyo

Before the Release announcements today , a quick announcement: June has now officially created over 2000 outfits! Congrats June ^^ If you see her around please send her your well wishes for this amazing accomplishment =)
Now for the new releases :)

♥Cheer Leader♥ Yay go Barerose !
Todays release is a cute cheer leader set that includes shirt W/flexy hem + Prim letter B Logo for Barerose :), skirt, pompoms, and socks.
There are also shoes and a free necklace included!
4 different colors are included =)

✿❤ Poodle San ❤✿
This cute "poodle" outift includes 3 colors each containing
fur top/skirt/ arm/ leggings/ neck pieces.
leg ribbon, ears W/ribbons, and tail <3.

☀ Kyoukatabira ☀ きょうかたびら
This is a Kimono traditionaly worn by the dead (ghosts) in Japan.
The set includes both male and female versions for one low price 50L !

2 New Steampunk outifits!
♥Marchioness B♥ For the girls and ★Marguis B★ for the guys
These wonderful outfits feature long victorian style coat with sculpted parts, victorian shirt with ruffled sleeves and collar, tie , gloves, cane and hat!
There are 3 colors of jackets and pants, and 3 colors of tie/hat trim colors!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo