Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Barerose Tokyo new releases

❤ Long Happi ❤
June created this Happi (robe) that is used in Japanese festival
and made it have more of a fantasy look =)
features include 4 colors of the robe each with matching shoulders , choker, and wrist bands.
Also includes gloves, leggings, and large Uchiha (fan)

New causal release for the guys today ☆Naoya☆
This fun set includes ripped pants ( 6 colors ), tops made with sculted collar and sleeves (with or without undershirt ( 4 colors ) , plus free necklace!

❤ Hula Girl Type C ❤
Fun Hawaiian outfit includes Grass skirts, grass wrist and ankle bnds, Flowered Lei necklace + Po'0 headpiece, and 6 different colors of shirts =)
Even includes basic hula dance animation !

❤Pink Raven Chick❤
June made a new color for the Raven Chick outfit (Pink)
This beautiful goth dress includes shirt w/lace hem, lace skirt, flowing sleeves, leggings, striped stockings, sculpted coolar and shoulders, matching wings and headdress!

This is a full standing furry Dog avatar with a Japanese twist :)
Includes everything shown , Avatar , headband, and skirt!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo