Monday, June 15, 2009

New Bikini Armor + new dresses @ Barerose Tokyo

❤ Ruby Bikini Armor ❤
This beautiful armor set features sculpted prim bikini with lots of jewels and highly realistic details.
Includes the bikini (2 chest sizes) , shoulders /wrist/ and shin gaurds, arm and leg bands , collar , and deorative sword!

Note: armor is prim so will fit each avatar differently ,please try on the Demo first .

♥CanCan Dancer Type B♥
This beautiful dress is styled after the CanCan dancers with detailed bustier top and ruffled lace skirt.
June created 3 different skirts normal , front open (holding pose built in) , open back skirt (bent over pose built in)
The set also includes hat, collar , and stockings!
All 3 colors are included too=)

❤ Suvi ❤
June designed a new dress based on traditional Findland dress.
This beautiful dress features white shirt with sculpted sleeves, vest, traditioanl skirt, socks, bag, and headband !
There are 3 beautiful colors included in the set too <3

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo