Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rebel Hope and Rezzables Collide

I've always loved the Rezzables, as we’ve done several projects together. When Rightasrain Rimbaud told me about this project the "Rebel" in me came out. I crazily opened my mouth and said "I'll do it"! I wasn't sorry I did because I had the best time putting this one together. Mary is located on the Crimson Shadow Rezzable sim (224,93,251) which was built by Jimmy Thomson, as well as on Monarch Bay in the "new item" area. Hope you enjoy her as much as I did making her. There is a link below that will tell you all about the infamous Mary Mayhem.

Crimson Shadow <~~~Click here to teleport directly This outfit includes the following items..... Chained Bra Top Panties alone Panties and Garter Stockings Fire Lotus Tattoo Wrist Wraps Sculpted Boots (sizer script) Flex Prim Skirt (sizer script) Flex Prim Skirt (mod) Silver Sculpted Arm Bands Silver Sculpted Choker Leg Dagger with Rubies Flame Eating Torch (with animation) Fire Throwing Whip (with animation) The box containing Mary (as with all my costuming I include this for collectible purposes) Note..all clothing offered on multiple layers for versatility Instructions on all scripted items included 28 pieces in all Skin sold on Crimson Shadow sim Hair sold only at the hair fair by Raspberry Aristocrat (when hair fair is over it will be at her store located on Tully)

Rebel Hope Designs, Inc. Monarch Bay