Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Barerose's Fantasy Faire RFL armor sets

The Fantasy Faire is now open to the public and Barerose Tokyo has a wonderful booth set up for you to see.
The fair showcases all things fantasy (featuring Neko, Elven, Furry, Goth, Tiny, Sci-fi, And Much More) designed by SL top designers!
and includes clothing and much more spread across multiple sims!
Not only that but also it is a huge part of RFL and will be raising funds for Breast cancer research as well.
June has many fantasy outfits in the booth and has created 2
RFL outfits with all the money going to the RFL cause .

❤Ruby Bikini Armor❤ - Exclusive RFL edition
☆Ruby Armor☆ - Exclusive RFL edition

☑ Direct tp to the Faire
Fantasy Faire