Sunday, June 14, 2009

New releases @ Barerose Tokyo

This wonderful set features womens power buisness suits in 2 styles pants or skirt.
includes sculpted prim accents on the jacket (including belt, shoulders , arms, and collar), shirt with collar, briefcase , and lucky mascot lip ring.
3 colors are included for lots of looks!

✰Negotiator (Season 2)✰ for the guys.
This buisness suit features casual looks with included open collar white shirt, matching pants and jacket (jacket comes with realistic sculpted pieces), briefcase , and mascot lip ring.
(There is a demo available to try first to see the fit)

♥Raven Chick♥
This cute goth outfit features several "Raven" features incuding feathered black wings, jacket with scululpted shoulders and collar, flowing arms, optional prim lower corset ,stockings, leggings, and headpiece !

✰Bishe Raven✰
This is the male version of Raven Chick.
It includes the shape shown and the outfit includes top, shorts, jacket with prim sculpted parts, flowing sleeves, socks and leggings, collar, and feathered raven wings.

✰Asian Monk✰
This release features several robe , sash , and cape colors for mix and match possabilities in the traditional style of an asian monk.
The set also includes arm jewelry and nose chain.
Demo available to try on first.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo