Friday, February 29, 2008

What's New at DaeSkins??

Lots is happening at DaeSkins in the last and next 24 hours! First off: made especially for the opening of Malone Sands [re]collections in Caledon Penzance, DaeSkins has featured 2 new Victorian Styled Dresses inspired by the late 19th Century Louis Comfort's work in stained glass.

In addition we have some backwoods renditions, after an altercation with a couch in the now infamous Lo Lo Bayou- "teh cuplret" seems to have been identified and snatched by known designer Daequix Scarborough for use in her new outfit titled "Someone Shot the Sofa". Per Ms. Scarborough's explanation, the delay in shipments of fabric called for desperate measures!

Just released following the Heist: a down home ensemble of bodice, capris, cutoff shorts and pants length trousers in a wonderful sofa inspired pattern! What more could one ask for!?
Available at Lo Lo