Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's new @ [ANIMAH]

Have you ever played of taking nude pictures of yourself? It's fun! But I can only speak for myself: I never wanted to make explicit nude photos (I think they're tacky and so NOT sexy). I think sexy is in what's not completely revealed. Maybe I'm just old fashioned...Anyway, I decided to make a pack of poses with that idea in mind, you know, for naked-but-not-too-revealing pictures.They might work great for skin and shape ads, but hey, use them however you want!

Ok, this last one is a bit more exposed. Still classy, don't you think?

Available now at ANIMAH
Hair: ETD - Phoebe, in Crimson
(last pic): Tukinowaguma - Natumi, in black
Shoes: ZHAO - Miabella, in white (with scripted color change)
Jewelry: Earthtones Boutique - Grazia earrings, DivineG
Skin: Another Skin's LF0 modified (not on sale)
(Gloves not on sale either, made by me)