Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What's New @ The HUB

What's new at The HUB? Just about everything!

We've changed our name from Hubby's Boutique to The HUB, unveiled our new store build ("Hubby" built it himself... his very first building! Come check it out!), put out a new release, had our first fashion show and oh yeah... a new Valentine freebie! Whew!!!

Our newest release: "Jackie" in zebra or leopard print, with a bright organza skirt and matching cami. The cardigan with 3/4 sleeves comes both belted or not, and looks great with trousers or jeans too. Everything comes on every layer imaginable, for your mixing and matching pleasure too.

We just had our first fashion show on Monday, with MODA. You can veiw it at What a kick that was!

And in case you missed the grid-wide treasure hunt last weekend, our Valentine freebie is still available in our main store in Linji, and will be there at least until Valentine's Day.