Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's New @ [LAP] - 3 New Pose Sets!

Long Awkward Pose In-World

Whew! I've been working my tush off. I've got three new pose sets for you tonight, one new male pose set and two new female sets. Gonna keep this short and sweet since my brain is about to collapse. All static poses are mod/copy, these new poses are 50L each or you can buy them in sets of 10 for 400L. Located in my shop on the wall straight in front of the doorway.

Dude IV - Funky and fun(ny) once again, inspiration and guidance given by your's truly, Lawless McBride.

Glamour Girl Sets I & II - inspired by retro/pinup art (Vargas) and brought to you for the classy/sassy gals. As an aside note, these poses were fitted using a leggier avatar, so if you are used to them fitting you without trying them out, please be aware of this. (model: BoRee Vella! yay!)

And, I finally decided to give the subscribe-o-matic update system a whirl - for those of you who kept asking if I had an update group, I do now! There's a kiosk outside on the steps and one inside the doorway on the wall - simply click and voila, you're in and you'll be kept updated without ever using up one of your precious group slots. :)

Later this week: more couple's poses and group pose sets!