Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's sorta Newish @ [Renegade]

Just a little update...
My original plan was to conquer the Netherlands using cropped sweaters that show off a girl's belly.

Ok, actually the first thing I thought of was to use ducks, but that's just silly.

Well as it turns out the Dutch make a worthy opponent, exploiting the weakness of exposed flesh in the winter months, so I've had to alter my tactics slightly.
But now... oh boy is Holland in for it. My ultimate doosmday machine, untucked sweaters, is ready for deployment.
Those cheese-eatin, clog-wearin, dike-buildin primitives don't stand a chance!

So far I've got the Racer and Bustwork sweaters changed, the others I never really liked so I'll prolly just make whole new designs to replace them later.

Come, prepare for the invasion at [Renegade]