Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's New @ Kitchy Boutique?

Kitchy Boutique, Beryllium (126, 244, 22)

FIRST! You no longer have to use your precious 25 allowed groups to find out about exciting new releases from Kitchy Boutique! I now have a kiosk in front of the store that when touched, will subscribe you to the new update group, then you will get an inventory offer whenever there are new releases! Group members still get monthly exclusive gifts, only now they will come directly to you! Come on over to the store and subscribe today!
(the Kitchy Update Group will be disbanded in the next several weeks, so if you want to continue to be notified, make sure to stop by and subscribe to the kiosk!)

Now, on to the new releases!!

This newest release will keep you nice and toasty! Maria includes a striped sweater dress, semi opaque tights, and sculptie legwarmers in two colors (one charcoal and one that matches the dress). The top part of the dress also comes in many layers, so you can mix and match with other outfits. Sexy and with a slightly retro vibe, you'll be warm and stylish!

And if you're a little unhealthily obsessed with legwarmers (like i am!) there are many other different colors available, including rainbow! Squeee!

Oh, and they look awesome with heels too!