Friday, February 22, 2008

What's new @ Shapes by Zada

There's a new release in the Eyefidelity "Reflections" special edition freebies at Shapes by Zada, a tribute to AM Radio's The Far Away.

Eyefidelity are ultra realistic hand drawn eyes with vibrant and character filled colors and a choice of realistic lighting options to match different environments, a feature popular among photographers and models. "Reflections" are a different take on the Eyefidelity concept, instead coming with a detailed reflection of an actual Second Life environment.

For this release in the "Reflections" special editions, that environment is AM Radio's The Far Away. If you have never visited this build, you have missed out on one of the wonders of Second Life. The Far Away is a beautiful and timeless space, a wide open field of golden wheat under stormy skies. Scattered around the field can be found old rusting vehicles and out of place furniture (and a few surprised for those who look). AM Radio's creation has been described as a "dreamscape Kansas" and it's a good description of the surrealistic and beautiful build that has become a popular place for SL photographers as well as a location many visit for the almost spiritual serenity.

The Far Away isn't just a beautiful location, there's a more serious side to it too. AM Radio sells miniature versions of his creation, with all proceeds going to Heifer International, a charity working for sustainable agricultural development in the third world. Buying these actually helps purchase cows. The eyes are free, but I hope that all of you who grab a pair also visit The Far Away, and that some of you contribute to the cause! ;)

The eyes can be found on the freebie wall at the Shapes by Zada (click to visit) main store.

Picture credits: Hair, Windblown from Aden. Eyes, Eyefidelity Reflections The Far Away from Shapes by Zada. Skin and shape, unreleased from Shapes by Zada. Location, The Far Away.