Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Harajuku Punk Furs

If you know anything about Harajuku fashion it's that they love to use vibrant colors. Two of the other mainstays are leg warmers and fur. The fur can be anything from wild two tones to small touches of good fake fur. Here's my take on some of the punk furs.
I've done two series. The first being some of the wild colors you'd see there. The second a more toned down natural look.
The vibrants come in pink, blue, teal and purple. The naturals are in a white, black and mink.
Each set includes a soft flexible fur prim jacket that comes in 5 parts, the anti-glitch jacket that comes on two different layers, a cute plaid belted mini, anti-glitch skirt shorts and finally a pair of soft fuzzy leg warmers with an anti-glitch pair of socks.
The leg warmers are a great way to dress up a pair of chunky shoes or the foot part of most boots to make them look like fur topped boots.
I've pictured four of the seven here.
You can find them only at the main store of Ookami Ningen. Each set is modify, copy and no transfer and sells for 300L.