Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Women's Skin@DragonFly Designs

DragonFly Designs have just added 8 new women’s cosmetic options to Dylana. These new facials have lush full lips and exotic eyes.
Each skin purchase includes modifiable shape, 3 eyebrow options, and prim eyelashes. Additionally you receive two body hair options with each purchase.
Dylana can be purchased as a single skin or in a reduced priced pack of 4.3

Come by DragonFly Oasis, the only place to find Dylana, and try a demo:
DFO,DragonFly Designs,DamselFly , DragonFly Oasis (114, 193, 24)
(You can also find the landmark in my profile.)

If you would like to hear about more new additions as they are adding to the DragonFly line please feel free to join our DragonFly Designs New Release Group inside of SL!!
You can also check out our blog at: [url][/url] for new releases and upcoming events.