Thursday, June 12, 2008


She's versatile, she's sexy, she's even a touch of spring.. with a dark side :-) I bring to You, Liana. This beautiful dress can be worn many a ways.. go salsa with her, or dress her up for a warm summer night date, or wear her for that classic girlie feel.
Fitted, off the shoulder corset, with sculpty sleeves nicely frames the bust and collarbone. Liana also features a "poofy" flexi bustle style skirt, reminiscent of the panniers worn under the dresses of women in the 1700's. Though not near as pronounced, still it adds a bit of flair, with a charming profile. She comes in a handful of colors, and I may add some other colors as well. Liana also comes with her own shoes.
You know where to find it!