Thursday, June 5, 2008

Whats New@Zaara Indian Couture

I'm participating in the The FASHION EXPO 2008 for RFL, organised by the BBA All-Stars team. The event requires two creations for this Expo, a one-of-a kind outfit that will be auctioned and another unique item that will be displayed at the vendor at the expo itself.
From what i have seen so far everyone is super excited /nervous and hope this is a success for a good cause :).
Pls drop in and have a look at all the lovely stores with their special items :)

Pink and olive rendition of the freespirit dress.
Goodnews, its priced at 150L$ so more people can buy the outfit- helps the cause much more :)

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Zaara Indian Couture - Fashion Expo

The Expo runs from 5th-8th june. for additional details.

With the great response to the 'shubh dress' freebie, I have decided to release a black version of the same, exclusively for group members. You need to keep your group tag active to receive the item. It's a boxed item, so it needs to be rezzed to the ground (in a sandbox, for eg), hit -- Edit > open > copy items to inventory. You should find the folder.

Group Freebie- Ratri

To get your free dress, join the 'Zaara indian couture - updates' group, and pick it the store below.
Zaara Indian Couture (Slurl) at Taste of India

How do I join the group?
- Select Search from the button panel at the bottom of your screen.
- Select the "Groups"- Tab enter - Search "Zaara Indian Couture" in the input field.
- Join the group for free by clicking the Join (L$0)
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