Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's New @ Little Boy Blue

The goblin king extends you his invitation to wander the depths of his labyrinth - don't keep him waiting!

The Goblin King

FallnAngel Creations Presents:
Jareth's Labyrinth!

Jareth has lost his balls... er.... rather.. There are 31 Crystal Balls lost in the Labyrinth!

You have to solve the Labyrinth and find the Crystal Balls before the time runs out!

The hunt begins: June 20th at 12:01am slt and ends: June 26th at 11:59pm slt. Anyone cheating will be BANNED -no exceptions!-

The Hunt Prizes were Created/Donated by:

FallnAngel Creations
Little Boy Blue
Sinfull Creations
Fortaelia Furnishings

Full rules may be obtained by simply entering Jareth's Labyrinth.

Jareth's throne by Little Boy Blue, not yet released! (Keep bugging me to do it!)

Jareth hair, Jareth Magic dance outfit (including gloves, crop, boots and necklace), and Jareth skin all available at FallnAngel Creations.