Sunday, June 15, 2008


Finally !!!!!!

After having been asked, asked again, pressured, tortured, even tickled ! , I have let the lace and ribbons by the side, and have gone back into skins creation.

I am very proud to introduce today the new INSOLENCE skins range.

The new serie follows the global idea of the former one. What I am trying to achieve is a balance between photorealism and more smooth SL-like style. I also do my best to try to bring strong personalities to the faces, in a search for a mix of natural, every day beauty, and something more sophisticated model like.

The bodies have been totally remade, with the will to bring higher realism and sharpness. Only the hands and feet remain unchanged. I invite you to come take a look at the demos available at the store, to discover every little bits that I can't photography here !

Let me introduce the 6 new girls. They all come with four skin tones, each one with four basic makeups so far, more will come very soon.

Helen is a young, fresh and pretty swedish blonde, with a high model feeling :

Carol is a bit older, and has all of a fatal woman. She feels comfortable on the runway, and has a slight Latin touch:

Estelle is a young, everyday freckled beauty. For sure she is the most kind face of the serie. One wants her as best friend :)

Faye has the strongest personality, I guess you don't want to contradict this brunette ! She has mediterranean roots, probably born somewhere between North Africa and Italy:

Kathy seems to live in the countryside. Grown in flower fields, she has a cute mix of redhead and blonde skin, and is a very natural girl:

Claire is your neighbour ! How didn't you notice her in the stairs ! She has a cute smooth teen face, and is the most reserved girl of the serie:

These skins, like any photoreal skin, are very sensitive to the underlying face shape, and to the environment light. This is why I give out the shapes with the single skins, and in the 4 makeups packs too. I also incuded prim eyelashes, each adjusted for the corresponding shape.
Some parts of the bodies WILL have a SLIGHT stretch in certain poses. I have decided to priviledge skin grain and texture richness in stretching areas, rather than making them just flat in these areas, which is a way to hide stretch, but also ruins the natural and realism feeling.

You will also find in the vendors, a little lighting guide to help you visually enjoy your skins as best as possible, bypassing SL's annoying default light settings in a 5 minutes tutorial.

I sincerely hope that these skins will answer to your wills, and that you will find the one to fit with your character and mood.

This new serie also introduces a new End User Licence Agreement, to prevent fraudulous uses of my work. Please do read it, I tried to make it as clear as possible, the main idea behind it beeing to protect my work against skin ripping. Basically it will not change anything to the way you use skins, well, excepted if you are a texture ripper :) This licence is available in all the vendors, as well as in a special box under the vendors.

You are all welcome to come and discover the new range at the main INSOLENCE store !

I want to particularly thank Danielle, Misty and Euterpe for their help and continuous patience during the development of this serie.
With all my best thoughts,


PS -

These skins are sold COPY, NO MOD, NO TRANSFER.