Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Princess Dress

Once upon a time there was a lonely avatar princess who wanted a gown. A gown so marvelous and spectacular that she dreamed about it every day. "A Treasury of The World's Greatest Fairtales" was her inspiration and finally when a good cause came along, the princess decided to create the dress.

Sleeping Beauty was the story and because of the Relay for Life the dress has been created in two colors. Blue, which will be a normal purchase and Pink. The Pink proceeds will be spread far and wide across the land so that others can enjoy the benefits of this beautiful endeavor. Oh but wait! Not only the Pink and Blue but a special white will be available soon - but alas you poor souls, this dress coming up will be a one of a kind and ONLY available at an auction.
Right now you and the step sisters will have to satisfy your princess urges with the two available now. You must speed though - these two will be gone July 10th and will be banished to the depths of Sioxie Legend's inventory and only the Fairy Godmother will be able to retrieve them.

The 600L Dress includes:
1 flexi prim skirt
2 system skirts (gold and silver)
6 Bodice tops (gold and silver on 3 layers)
2 crowns (gold and silver)
1 pair of glitch pants (underpants layer)

Plush Omicron: Secondwave Apparel

The skin I am wearing is Emma in Nude by Charlotte Morelett - SODA
The hair is by Calla and is called Clove - the color is honey blonde (I think).